We Find Homes For Buyers... Even if they are not currently on the Market!

We have found over the years that the best homes go fast and many that you look at online are already gone and picked over. We have found a better way. We meet with you and go over your home buying criteria and we look at what is online, but we go further and find properties that match what you are looking for that may not be on the market today. We have a way to contact all of the owners of properties that match and see if they are interested in selling. As a result, you get exactly what you are looking for and do not have the competition of other buyers. IT WORKS GREAT!

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Some of our Results with this program...

The market was really tight and we could not find a place. The buyers were paying cash and still could not find the right home. We worked our magic and found them the perfect home. It had a tenant in it and we signed the papers with the owners. Shortly thereafter, we found out the tenant wanted to buy the home... but they were unable to because the buyer we were working with closed on the house. 

A buyer contacted us and wanted one of only 19 properties in existance that matched their criteria and they were willing to wait for one of those 19. We were able to get 2 of the 19 that were willing to sell to our buyers. What a win for the buyers! Neither one of them were on the market!

Buyers were looking for a specific property and nothing was exactly what they were looking for. So we went to work and found them the property that worked for them. 

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